OSINT regarding water abuse ⊄

Cape Town South Africa has been in the midst of a serious drought which is so serious, recently the authorities increased the water restriction to level 6.

Attached is an OSINT report relating to suspected water abuse by the owners /caretakers of one residential home.

The purpose of this OSINT exercise is to demonstrate its effectiveness with carefully selected open sources of information followed by the application of investigation techniques and analysis to produce the OSINT product ultimately.  During the collection phase Hunchly was used for maintaining a diary of the investigation and a record.  This report is also attached.

Organised Crime definition

Organised crime is the proliferation of criminal commerce and racketeering maintained over a prolonged period of time through a continued membership of criminal associates with a configuration of vertical authority levels under leadership control with the primary objective of pursuing and protecting of illegal activities unrestricted by geographically boundaries.