The Public Servants Association of South Africa is threatening a total shutdown after President Cyril Ramaphosa approved a 3 percent salary increase for public office bearers.

PSA spokesperson Reuben Maleka says they’ve written to the president to reconsider the adjustments.

“We are in the midst of the negotiation with the PSBC.

“We already received 3 percent as an increase that is what they are offering as government and we are saying 3 percent and there’s a new inflation that is around 6.4 percent so you can imagine, with the high rate of inflation, food inflation, the petrol that is expected to reach around R27 a litre,” he said.

“That is even way above the minimum wage which is R23, how could they expect that public servant will be able to cope?

“So if we don’t get a resolution or even above inflation, that calls for public service shutdown.”

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