A Hungarian District Prosecutor’s Office has brought charges against a 17-year-old Moldovan man who drove his car off the road while transporting thirteen Syrian illegal immigrants and then fled the scene.

Deputy Spokesman of the Kecskemét District Prosecutor’s Office, some 70 kilometers from the Hungarian capital, stated that the Moldovan teenager had taken the 13 Syrian illegal border crossers to Austria in a car with Italian number plates in March. The illegal immigrants were escorted across the border by his partner, a Syrian national, and then driven to the vehicle.

Shortly after they had left, the border police officers wanted to stop the vehicle and started to follow him, but the juvenile, who had no driving licence, ran off the road and drifted into the ditch.

The smuggler fled the scene on foot, without providing assistance to his passengers who were slightly injured in the accident.
However, he was quickly apprehended and detained by patrol officers.

The Moldovan man is charged with people smuggling and failure to provide assistance. The case of the juvenile in custody will be decided by the Kiskunhalas District Court.

There are more and more incidents in Hungary which involve people smugglers who drive off the road or crash their car with illegal migrants on board. Only a few days ago, twenty migrants were injured when the smuggler driving the truck carrying them drove into a ditch near Budapest. Five of the passengers were slightly injured, but others have ended up with serious injuries.

Hundreds of foreigners try to cross the Southern border of Hungary on a daily basis.Continue reading

At the beginning of August, three people were killed and eleven injured in an accident near Bócsa, 120 kilometers south from the Hungarian capital. A Georgian national was trying to smuggle fifteen people across the country towards Western Europe in a car. A police patrol tried to stop the vehicle, but he drove on without stopping.

The driver did not slow down when he reached a main intersection, did not give way and collided with another car. The vehicles overturned in the ditch; the cars have caught fire as a result of the collision. Two of the illegal border-crossers died at the scene, they were burned inside the vehicle. Twelve of the injured occupants of the two cars were taken to hospital, one of whom later died.

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