The graph above is a summary of the use of OSINT relating to the Brussels bombings of 22 March 2016 please view the video.  

Intelligence-i1 is a division of Advisory Systems Limited (Seychelles) established in 2014 initially operating throughout Africa.

While we have remained a boutique agency, we constantly make every attempt to meet the unique requirements of our sophisticated and specialized clients, through excellent service while utilizing best operating methods and continued development of a human intelligence support network of well-placed sources, who are not only able to gain access to reliable and relevant information, but also have insight to local knowledge.

In turn, this has earned us the confidence of our clients to maintain long standing relationships but also as a trusted partner to award us with new engagements into Asia, the Middle East and other countries as we have become renowned for our capability to access and leverage information from countries or about topics which are considered difficult to reach or access may be limited.

The intelligence-i1 team’s professional skills are based on a broad spectrum of experience and knowledge which include due diligence and intelligence functions, forensic disciplines and threat analysis to provide our clients with professional packages with utmost confidentiality.

Our clients include large petroleum companies, corporate entities, law enforcement agencies, government institutions, leading law firms, financial service sector, retailers, travel, hospitality and leisure to high profile individuals and celebrities.

For more information please see our services page.