Finnish Customs has investigated an organisation that brought in and distributed amphetamine, ecstasy and cocaine. The investigation covers several aggravated narcotics offences and firearms offences. The total street value of the seized narcotics is 1 634 000 euros.

In March 2022, more than 46 kilograms of amphetamine, equipment for extraction of amphetamine, more than 60 grams of cocaine, 784 grams of marijuana and various unlicensed firearms, such as a sawn-off shotgun, were seized from the organisation by Finnish Customs.

– Some of the amphetamine had been brought into Finland as oil, and amphetamine had been extracted from it at a holiday home rented for this purpose in Eastern Uusimaa. Our preliminary investigation has shown that the narcotics had been brought into Finland through postal traffic, says Tero Virtanen, investigator in charge.

The total street value of the seized narcotics is 1 634 000 euros. In total, the seized narcotics would have yielded more than 230 000 doses.

The preliminary investigation has revealed that more than 10 kilograms of amphetamine, 300 grams of cocaine and 18 000 ecstasy tablets, worth 755 000 euros, have ended up in circulation.

International organisation

The organisation has been partly led by foreign individuals and around ten individuals are suspected of having participated in the activities of the organisation. Several individuals are still being detained.

– The main suspect is a Belgian citizen, who has arranged for the narcotics to be brought into Finland. In Finland, a Finnish man has been mainly responsible for the distribution of the narcotics. Among the other individuals operating in Finland and abroad, there are both Finns and citizens of other countries. Some of the suspects have a criminal background in Finland, says Tero Virtanen, investigator in charge.

The preliminary investigation will be concluded in August, and the case will be forwarded to the Prosecution District of Southern Finland for consideration of charges.

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