Protection of your organization, brand and your people

Threats are ever present both internally and from external opposition who’s intentions are to create harm and malice to opportunities, developments and existing operations. Being proactive and ahead of adversaries will provide an opportunity to prevent them from gaining an advantage.

Threats can often be invisible or unknown to the intended target which can range from internal employees engaging with outside nefarious parties, or even intelligence assessments of new hires to uncover any dubious historical information, physical threats against products, brand, production, industry threats through sabotage or threats against executives or high level employees such as defamation, life danger, protest or country assessments to ensure no risks exist ensuring for safe travel.

Our counterintelligence team is an extension or your own internal team and hunts down threats using our cyber intelligence approach to identify risks before the actors behind them have had an opportunity to gain any momentum and allowing for effective disruptive measures to be deployed to counter them.

We will provide both advanced warning and in-depth analysis to a threat based on our threat intelligence to gain a full understanding of the threat landscape faced by your organisation.

Fill in the gaps where your own operations may be lacking to ensure comprehensive coverage.

Our Intelligence and Security Operations Centre (ISOC) which operates 24/7, our goal is to collect information to answer critical questions based on evidence about current threat conditions, indicators, consequences, trends and warnings or to predict future behaviour with timeous, accurate and fit for purposes intelligence.

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