Cyber Investigations


Investigations with Real Evidence

Today’s criminal or person with nefarious intentions, is attached to the internet or makes use of the internet in one way or another. Also increasingly, crimes are being committed over cyber space, providing the perpetrator some level of anonymity, or does it?

The internet in many ways has revolutionised the world and the way we operate, from communications to marketing, financial and banking transactions, ease of access to information for customers, device and equipment monitoring, purchasing goods or services online, destination or service reviews and social media are just a few examples what the internet is being used for.

In turn, this has provided us a dynamic virtual world which either matches or exceeds our physical real world, without it, our functionality would be restricted.  Equally, it provides the ill intended person with an enormous opportunity to perpetrate their trade with considerable obscurity which can range from annoying spam email messages, 419 scams, fraudulent use of product or service brands, intellectual property infringements, espionage, hacking, cyber bulling and harassment, human trafficking and numerous others.

Our team’s professional skills are based on a broad spectrum of experience and knowledge which include due diligence and intelligence functions, forensic disciplines and threat analysis complemented with the required legal experience. 

During our investigations, we will review thousands of surface net (e.g. Google, blogs, social media etc), deep and dark web sites to extract data relevant to the investigation.  All information and evidence collected is preserved to support a decision making process, civil or criminal litigation, dispute resolution, research, brand and reputational protection, improvement in risk mitigation or enhance compliance requirements.

This could include and not limited to, identifying potential witnesses, delve into the dark web for stolen information or identities, monitor individuals who publish or use social media for their activities, identity assets of suspect persons to evaluate their lifestyle, locate people, find stolen property.

All evidence is systematically collected, correlated and recorded in our final report which will contain a summary of the relevant facts, with supporting analysis and validations to form comprehensive deductions to allow you to address risks or critical issues to make firm decisions.

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