Enterprise Level Intelligence

As the world is today, developments happen quickly and unexpectedly, whether it is unrest in a country, boardroom turmoil, criminal actions or sabotage, a new business opportunity; credible intelligence and evidence is required to avoid disruption or adverse impact of your business.

Globalization opens new opportunities from investment, recruitment of senior or executive management, partnerships, acquisitions, mergers new projects, business expansion or restructuring, even physical relocation and local conditions.

Every incident, activity, event, person or entity has a presence on the internet.  We offer both cyber intelligence and human intelligence, combined with 20 years’ investigative and intelligence experience, allows us to provide solutions to discover opportunities, threats and hidden risks relating to corporations, small to medium sized businesses, products, processes, operational environments and people all over the world. 

Our team will discover crucial information from financial, reputational, legal, media and other sources to support the decision making process, civil or criminal litigation, business growth, due diligence and research, risk assessments, compliance related issues, prevention of fraud and other white collar crimes, asset identification.

Our primary focus is the collection of publicly available information, and together with a confidential process in terms of purpose, analysis and recommendations, we produce a value added intelligence product.

This can be performed on an individual case by case basis or via our Intelligence and Security Operations Centre (ISOC) which operates 24/7, our goal is to collect information to answer critical questions based on evidence about current threat conditions, indicators, consequences, trends and warnings or to predict future behaviour with timeous, accurate and fit for purposes intelligence.

Sources of information are vast, consequently our final report will contain summarized and relevant facts, with supporting analysis and validations to form comprehensive recommendations to allow you to address risks or critical issues.

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