Security is Human

Scott McNealy CEO of Sun Microsystems said on 25 January 1999 “You have zero privacy anyway”. “Get over it.”  What he really meant was, you have zero security.

Privacy and security is contextual, we apply it to specific facets of our lives or business operations, but not to everything otherwise we would be living on deserted islands and the world would forget about us.

We may be exposed to both physical and cyber threats which makes it easier for activities such as doxing, or attacks on those closest to us, defamation, protests and various other risk factors.

Data leaks and breaches are unfortunately frequent, but not always within our control to prevent. In 2004 there were a few data breaches with information being leaked onto the internet, this should have led to improved security and privacy measures.  The reality is somewhat different, every year since then, there have been more data breaches, but what is concerning, the increased size of these breaches.

The leaks have not just impacted companies with lax security, data from the military, and event governments has been leaked. 

While the convenience of operating via the World Wide Web, we often forget the potential risk we are placing ourselves at and too often this realisation is only a reality when we have been exposed to an attack.

Security is based on human behaviour and actions.

Our job is to evaluate and address your points of vulnerability both physically and technology based, such as testing measures in place to assess their effectiveness, identify additional weaknesses that may have been overlooked, and compared to current threats through our intelligence.

We can also conduct online scanning of all phases of the web, surface, deep and dark web, and social media for data that may damage your brand, expose personal information, intellectual property and removing such information that may be a risk to your business associates or family at risk.

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